Voter Information

Where and when can I vote?

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Can I early vote?

  • Any voter can early vote without a reason or excuse at any of the early voting locations in the county in which they are registered. Early vote locations and times are listed below.

Do I have to have a photo ID to vote?

  • North Carolina will require voters to show a photo identification (photo ID) when they present to vote in person. This change is a result of the Voter Information Verification Act or “VIVA.” (S.L. 2013-381). However, you can always vote provisionally – don’t be denied a ballot.

In what case will a provisional ballot be made available?

  • In most cases a provisional ballot will be offered in the case a voter goes to the wrong polling location, is not found as a registered voter, or if the voter disputes their party registration.
  • Every voter must be told about the option of a provisional ballot if any discrepancies exist in regard to a voter’s eligibility to vote at that polling location.


Is there Voter assistance for disabled?

  • Yes, there is voter assistance available for disabled voters. “Curbside voting is available for disabled voters” For early voting in most cases the election workers will bring out a voting machine to the voters car. On Election Day a paper ballot will be brought out to voter’s car. Each polling location is also handicapped accessible.


What if I have a question about how I vote or about the ballot?

  • You may ask a poll worker a question at any point during the voting process, even if you are in the voting booth. Do not hesitate to ask if you do have a question.

Absentee Ballot Information General Information

A person must be a registered voter in their North Carolina county of residence in order to request an absentee ballot. If not registered to vote in the proper county, a person must submit a voter registration application along with this form. Voter registration applications are available online at www.ncsbe.gov. The deadline to register to vote is 25 days prior to the date of the election.

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Mecklenburg County Early Voting

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