This is your chance to get in on the fun! Select your hat category then email a photo of you in your favorite hat to Mad Hatter Judges will review the submissions, and live participants, and then announce the winners for each category during this year’s Silver Anniversary Mad Hatter’s Celebration.

The Mad Hatter’s Hat Auction is your chance to own a part of history! Prepare to bid during the Silver Anniversary Auction with hats signed by the Hon. Joe and Jill Biden, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and many more!


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As an added twist this year High Bids can be Challenged “live” during the Silver Anniversary Mad Hatter’s Event!

Hat Auction

Thanks to all who participated in the Hat Auction page!

This will be the most FUN you’ve had on ZOOM!  Click the images to view hats by category and then decide which photo of you in your hat you’d like to share with other Mad Hatters! Your photo will be uploaded to the Parade of Hats category page you selected and will be viewable by all attendees and our Parade of Hats judges! So grab your hat, tilt it to the side and do it all with sass and style!

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Take A Look

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Email a photo of you dressed up and in your hat by August 28 at 3pm! Submit your entry to