STANDING-FOR-WOMEN“I will always fight for a woman’s right to choose and the right to privacy. Reproductive issues are medical related issues and they should be kept private between a woman and her doctor.” – Alma Adams

Alma Adams’ support for women’s reproductive rights is widely known throughout the district, the state and perhaps nationally. Alma has led the way as the key spokesperson in the NC General Assembly on this issue. She has been clear in all of her comments that women should make the choice about their body and that a woman cannot call herself free if she does not own and control her own body.

Now, more than ever, American households are relying on women for their primary source of income – and yet our country still pays women only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. While Congress took an important step in passing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, there is much more we need to do to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. In Congress, Alma will fight to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act to make it easier for women to know when they are being discriminated against and to prevent big corporations from retaliating against women who ask questions.



EDUCATION“As a retired educator I have seen first-hand the impact a great education can have on a young person’s life. I will always be a champion for public schools, our teachers, and our children.” – Alma Adams

Education has always been a top priority to Alma Adams. As a retired educator, Alma knows quality education opens up opportunities for anyone to live the American Dream. Alma has relentlessly fought against the reckless cuts to our public education system in North Carolina.

Alma Adams will always stand up and fight for our public schools. She knows a good public education is an American value, and she will work to provide a good public education for everyone.

Adams opposes any school voucher program. She will always fight for the public schools to get the funding they need and deserve so everyone can have access to a quality education.

Alma understands the challenges facing public education as well as anyone. She knows it is getting harder and harder for students to attend colleges and universities. In Congress, Alma will work to provide more scholarships and reduce the rates on student loans. She will also help reduce the debt for current and immediate past students who are struggling to pay off their loans.



HEALTHCARE“Health insurance needs to be affordable and available for everyone, not just the wealthy. I will always fight to improve the access, level of care, and affordability of health care.” – Alma Adams

Everyone should have access to affordable, quality health care. The Affordable Care Act has moved us further in that direction. Alma Adams supports prohibiting insurance companies denying coverage for preexisting conditions. She also supports allowing children to remain on their parents’ insurance policy until the age of 26.

The focus on preventive care services is vital to improving our health as well as lowering medical bills. Alma encourages routine check-ups, and she supports a no-copay policy for regular preventative care services.

Preventative care for women is certainly important to Alma. She supports increasing access to women’s health clinics to provide mammograms, cervical screenings, other preventative services, and family planning.

Health insurance needs to be affordable and available for everyone. That’s why Alma supports government discounts for insurance based upon income. She also supports tax incentives for small businesses that provide coverage for their employees.



STRENGTHEN-MIDDLE-CLASS“We must strengthen the middle class in order to build a stronger American economy.” – Alma Adams


Creating and retaining good paying jobs should be the primary focus in Congress. There are things we need to do in order to strengthen and protect the middle class right here in North Carolina.

We must invest in public education and job training programs so businesses can hire a skilled work force. We must also invest in our infrastructure which would put Americans back to work building highways, bridges, railways, and ports that are critical in a global economy.

Small businesses and the middle class are the backbone of our economy. They need the resources to compete. We need to give small businesses tax cuts so they can create jobs. They also need easier access to borrowing power so they can expand their businesses and invest in people.

Women and minorities need to be given more opportunities and resources to succeed in the business world.

Alma has always been a strong advocate for the middle class. A strong middle class means a stronger American economy. She supports giving more tax cuts to the middle class and raising the minimum wage – indexing it to the rate of inflation. By putting more money in the hands of hard working Americans, companies can sell more products, appliances, cars, and other items that will continue to spur our economic growth.



PROTECTING-SENIORS“We must keep our promise to our seniors in the form Medicare and Social Security. I’ll fight against any attempt to privatize Social Security or defund Medicare.” – Alma Adams

Keeping our promise to our seniors in the form of Medicare and Social Security should be a top priority. They have paid into these programs their entire working lives so we cannot raid the benefits which they have already earned.

In Congress, Alma Adams will be an outspoken advocate for protecting and funding Social Security and Medicare.



EQUALITY“It’s time for Congress to act, restore the Voting Rights Act, and take action to prevent voter disenfranchisement. As your next Congresswoman, I will stand up to the extremists in the Republican Party to ensure civil rights are protected for everyone.” – Alma Adams

We must do more for civil rights pertaining to all minorities, women, and the LGBT community. Alma is a co-sponsor of the Equality Act in Congress, and strongly opposes House Bill 2.

The number one concern at the federal level is the Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned critical sections of the Voting Rights Act.

Specifically Congress needs to rework section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 so that current section 5 (still existing) can be applicable. Section 4 sets out the criteria that was necessary for the Voting Rights Act to be implemented, and since changes have occurred in voting patterns since the act was implemented the criteria needs to be revisited and reworked.

Alma Adams will address the voter suppression efforts that have been rampant throughout our country as well. We need to ensure everyone has a chance to vote without fear or intimidation.



WORKERS“Throughout our history, America’s patriots have always put our country first – and have made this country the best place on earth to live, work, worship, and raise our families. It’s time we had that same patriotic spirit in our economy and our trade deals – so that American companies are encouraged to create jobs right here, rather than overseas.” – Alma Adams

Alma Adams will oppose any unfair trade deals and will work to stop giving away high paying manufacturing jobs to foreign countries while our families here are struggling.

Adams will always ensure American workers are given a fair chance to succeed in today’s economy.



ENVIRONMENT“We must protect our most precious resource, our environment, for future generations.” – Alma Adams


Alma Adams received the highest grade of 100 from the League of Conservation Voters in their most recent legislative score card. Alma will always work to protect our land and water resources. We must do more to combat climate change. I’ll support investing in more renewable energy sources and green technology. We can even create new jobs while taking steps to protect our environment.



REDUCE-POVERTY“The assault on the working class and the poor is appalling and it needs to stop. I will work hard every day to combat poverty. We must do more lift our fellow brothers and sisters up.” – Alma Adams

Alma Adams will stand up to the Tea Party Republicans who want to cut unemployment benefits, food stamps, and other programs designed to help the poor and working families. These programs are a hand up not a hand out.

Alma will work to make available a quality education to everyone. A good education can lead to a good job and better opportunities to provide for families. Congress needs to increase the amount of need based scholarships. An affordable education provides the opportunity for everyone to have a chance to live the American Dream.

Over 16% of North Carolinians live below the poverty level, nearly two points higher than the national average. And in many communities this number is higher still. Alma will work to lift these individuals out of poverty and help them find the good paying jobs they need to support their families.

As a retired educator, Alma Adams understands that fighting poverty begins with a good education. Education is the key to North Carolina’s future. Our investments in our public schools, colleges, and job training programs should be second to none.

Alma Adams will always work ensure that everyone in has the ability to make a living wage that is capable of supporting their families. In the NC General Assembly she led the fight to raise the minimum wage. As a Congresswoman, Alma will also sponsor increasing the minimum wage nationally.


BALANCE-FAMILY-AND-WORK“As a proud parent, I know how tough it can be balancing work and family responsibilities. We must do more to help our working families succeed both at work and at home.” – Alma Adams

Alma Adams supports expanding benefits for our workers. The top priority must be expanding and strengthening our paid family leave laws in this country. Currently the U.S. ranks near the bottom of industrialized nations in terms of its family leave, and even the laws we do have on the books are not enough to keep many people from falling through the cracks.

The Family and Medical Leave Act is an important piece of legislation, but Alma would like to see companies offer family leave benefits beyond the FMLA. Alma believes we need to set the standard for paid parental leave around the world.

Alma will also work to increase the availability of affordable child care services.



COMBAT-CRIME“We must do more to combat rising crime rates in America. It starts by having some common sense gun laws.” – Alma Adams


Alma Adams wants to make sure law enforcement and first responders have adequate resources to protect its citizens. At the same time, Congress must do something to counter the easy access to deadly weapons to criminals and others who could do us harm.

Gun control legislation is essential to fighting crime, protecting our citizens, and reducing dangers our law enforcement face each day. Congress needs to ban certain high powered assault weapons, close the gun show loophole, require background checks for purchases of firearms, and improve the tracking of firearms in our country.