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students“As a mother, grandmother and teacher, I’m outraged by how Republicans in Congress keep ignoring the needs of our families. With your help, I’ll go to Congress and fight to stop them.” -Alma Adams


For For Congresswoman Alma Adams, education and women’s rights aren’t political issues, they are personal issues that have shaped who she is today and how she represents the people she serves.

Growing up in a single parent household, Alma saw that the best way to get ahead was through dedication and hard work. Her mother’s sacrifices motivated Alma to not only complete her own education, but to pursue a path that led her to teaching in the classroom too. Alma raised two wonderful children–including a daughter who followed Alma’s lead and became a teacher herself.

Alma’s introduction to politics was on her local School Board, where she became the first African- American woman elected to that body and was a strong advocate for educational opportunities for everyone in her community. After serving on the School Board, Alma was elected to a seat on her City Council where she led efforts for affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization programs.

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